Hey! I’m David. Some people call me Dax. Welcome to my travel universe. I’m a seven-continent explorer, travel author, and fine art photographer. I scour the planet to capture frame-worthy images that convey joy, vitality, and a sense of “the good life.”



2STRAWS is a metaphor for a life of wonder. It represents the sharing and savoring of nature, beauty, and culture—all the richness that travel affords. My hope is that my photography prints bring the world to you, turn your home into a sanctuary, and fill you with joy and possibility.





I grew up in a family of travelers. When my friends went to Hawaii and Mexico for school breaks, I went to Kenya and Vietnam. I spent summers as a teenager doing homestays in Cuba and Chile. When I first visited Hong Kong, it was still a British colony. I saw Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China before I graduated college. No matter where I went, my camera was always with me.

I learned early on that travel memories are wells of happiness that I can tap into at will. My photographs became proxies for experiences. By sharing them, I share a part of myself.





Before I was secure in my convictions, I let fears about security override my desire for freedom and enrolled in law school in California. Six weeks into my first year, all the doubts I had been suppressing started bubbling up. In a legal writing class, I learned how to properly punctuate a memo—specifically, whether the underlined portion of the sentence should or shouldn't extend through the period. To underline the period or not to underline the period, that was the question. My body was in the chair, but my mind was asking, Who is the person sitting in this chair? Who is David Axelrod? Who am I?





In that moment I decided that I am freedom and adventure. And law school was neither of those things for me. I decided that I didn't care whether the period was underlined or not, and I never would. I decided that I'd rather write nonsensical haikus for free than write another legal memo for a million dollars. I decided to take ownership of my life. I decided to stop trying to fit other people's expectations. I decided to stop making decisions out of fear. I decided to drop out of law school immediately.

I've never been happier or more terrified than the moment I turned in that yellow slip. I reconnected with the parts of me that had been there long before any fear had: traveler, seeker, artist. I set out to create a business that I could run from anywhere, one that utilized my creativity and celebrated exploration as a way of life.





To me, traveling is the ultimate expression of freedom. But I recognize that traveling requires commitments of time, money, and energy that many people cannot or are unwilling to make. My mission is to create art that gives you the sensation of traveling without leaving your house—to transport you and give you vicarious experiences of the most marvelous places on earth. I hope my work serves as a daily reminder of the rich variety of experiences available to you, and that even the scariest and most uncomfortable of those experiences can be transformative. I want to transfer the sensation of delving into the unknown so that you are driven to take more risks in your own life.

So when you buy a 2STRAWS fine art print, you’re buying an ideology. You’re buying self-actualization, self-expression, and self-confidence. You’re making a commitment to exploration and discovery. You’re prioritizing adventure, wonder, and fun. Above all, you’re choosing freedom